Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Tips and tricks introduction

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0:02 This chapter is a bit of a grab bag. We're going to cover a bunch of cool little tips and tricks that will make your
0:08 life easier. Some of these you have sort of seen, but we might just go into a little more detail.
0:13 For example, you've already seen the non default prompt that knows about git and cool
0:18 stuff like that, but I'm gonna tell you how to get it and we're gonna dive a little more into the detail for those kinds of things.
0:24 Keeping in sync, your fork repositories, bunch of fun stuff like that that they're all small, but they also add up to be super helpful.
0:33 So that's what this chapter is about. We're just going to go from a couple of points. Many of them are tips to make your life better.
0:39 A few of them are ways to get yourself out of trouble if you've made a mistake.

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