Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Open source and Pull Requests
Lecture: Hurray, your PR was accepted!

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0:00 Back on Windows. The outside contributor, get a notification, you get emails about these things, but hey, your PR was accepted.
0:09 So they go back to the project here and they say check this out. Look, there's a, there's no open PRS but there's a closed one and this
0:16 is the one that I got. Great. It was except it merged and Mike C Kennedy said, great, thank you Mike C Kennedy and then the branch was deleted over on
0:28 their project. They can see that um, there's this notification that this branch is two commits behind mike.
0:37 See Kennedy, sketchy rock paper scissors main. So remember I said there was this flow where you create the feature branch and you
0:44 check into the other project and then you want to just sort of sync back up So this is great. We can do it and git hub is very helpful
0:52 There's actually commands on the cli, you can do with GIT hub and git direct,
0:59 but they git cli in with get itself to add a different origin and then fetch it and then merge those changes and it's fine.
1:06 But I always forget how to do it and recently added this cool feature here where you can just say fetch upstream.
1:12 Mike, c Kennedy, This version is the upstream. So we go here and it says you're a little bit behind. So fetch and merge, syncs it back.
1:23 That's not just for your pr that's any changes that would have been sort of behind
1:27 here. So now we have our lizard alligator changes and this branch is exactly up to date with that. So you have exactly your copy of the repository.
1:37 The open source project is an exact copy of what the original is. Again, in case you know, you want to go and make other changes or just be in sync.
1:45 Of course. Pretty cool. That's our open source contribution through a pull request. Again, you can do this back to your own project as well.
1:56 Even if you didn't fork it right, you can do this pr workflow of you'll recall over here when we go to this
2:07 There's all sorts of extra goodies that we can apply here so we can have a conversation, you know, multiple commits.
2:14 We have continuous integration running, we have reviewers, signes, labels, projects, milestones,
2:20 all those things. If you just want to have that kind of conversation and structure around a feature branch, you can do this as a PR again,
2:29 just back to your own repository. All right, That's Git flow. Pretty awesome. Now you can go contribute to open source projects.

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