Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Open source and Pull Requests
Lecture: Forking and cloning an open repository

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0:00 Our story of contributing to open source starts from Windows developer over here. Just so it's not me on my Mac.
0:09 Now, this developer is just cruising around GIT hub and they've come across what has got to be a pretty amazing project.
0:16 This sketchy rock paper scissors and they saw this and they thought, you know what I am psyched to contribute to this.
0:24 Let's let me get going. So one thing they might do is they might just go, okay, this is cool, I'm going to start it. So it's basically bookmarked,
0:31 but that doesn't allow them to contribute to it. They could watch it as well, which will give you notifications of changes.
0:38 Honestly, do that sparingly because you'll get a lot of notifications you might not want
0:42 But if they want to contribute it or even just make sure they have their own absolute dedicated copy, they can come over here and click fork now,
0:52 Really, this is me, you can see there's my icon or profile image and this is me. But because I also have an organization on github under talk Python
1:01 I can fork it normally you can't fork your own repositories, but let's just imagine my user name is talk Python. The project is owned by mike.
1:11 C Kennedy and those are unrelated. Okay, so I'm gonna go over here, I can change its name, but you're probably better off to just leave it.
1:18 Let's hit create your fork. I said, hold on, just a minute, we're creating it. And by the way, if you want to add some collaborators,
1:25 go ahead. That's fantastic. So now, maybe I want to make some changes to it. Let's go and check it out over here and we could do this several ways.
1:34 Of course. Let's do it with source tree over here to file and say clone Give it the URL The destination path. Let's put it on desktop.
1:45 Just for now. We're going to clone. It looks fine to me. Let's roll down and hit the button and look at this. We have all of the history,
1:57 we have everything that you saw here. We've got the different branching workflows.
2:01 Remember those different workflows Here? We've got our feature branch from 1 - 1 1 We've got our feature branch over here that we did.
2:12 And this is sort of the pay down debt bump over here, right, right there and so on.
2:18 Fantastic. So it looks like we're good to go and this is on our account and this is on the talk Python account.
2:25 Remember that's my user. So github.com/talk Python. I can do whatever I want to this repository. It won't affect the Mike C Kennedy one.
2:33 So we forked the repository and we've cloned it locally and for all intents and purposes this is our repository and we can do what we want.
2:42 So we'll be ready to make that feature branch change or you know, other changes as of you see it.

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