Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Open source and Pull Requests
Lecture: Introduction to Pull Requests

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0:02 We've come to the final chapter on Teamwork and at this point the entire world is
0:08 your team because we're going to be talking about open source contributions and working on and
0:13 with open source software. So in this chapter you will learn how to work with learn how to run and learn how,
0:21 most importantly, most significantly contribute back to open source software. Now, before you say to yourself, you know what? That's great,
0:29 Michael, it's interesting, but I'm not actually interested in doing anything with open source
0:33 Fine recall that when we talked about the feature branches and pull requests,
0:39 a lot of the techniques that we might employ to have conversations and organize our thoughts
0:45 around feature branches really could benefit from having these pr pull request type of workflow. This git flow type of workflow.
0:54 So what we talk about here is also potentially useful within teams to just add a
0:59 layer of organization and verification on top of contributions back to your own repository. Gonna be fun. Let's get started.

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