Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Cleaning up your old branches

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0:00 One thing you might want to consider is tending the garden of your branches on the
0:06 repository. So let's go over here,
0:07 we're in code and we can click on this little dropdown branch manager and save you
0:14 all branches. So we have our main default branch which is important and we have
0:19 your branches. Some of these are finished up.
0:24 We don't need them anymore now.
0:25 You might want to keep them for historical purposes,
0:27 but oftentimes you might not want to,
0:30 this list over here along the side is going to get longer and longer and eventually
0:34 it's going to become just a tangled mess of yuck that you don't want to deal
0:38 with. It's going to be completely out of control.
0:40 So for the feature branches and especially this is managed well with the pull request,
0:45 which we'll get to is this thing is entirely done this one.
0:50 This should live on like what if there's a problem with version 11 and we need
0:54 a version 12. We want to keep this here so that we can and not
0:59 throw away that work because it was never merged back,
1:02 but this was merged back and we're done with it.
1:04 So the last thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to delete our feature branch because
1:08 I don't need to see it anymore and I completely done with.