Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Continuing on with v2.1

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0:00 So let's jump over to source tree and see where we are,
0:03 make sure that it has the branch going on here,
0:07 that it's selected the bug, no input validation branch and now you can see we've
0:12 created this this branch here and it looks like this one's farther ahead but only because
0:16 of the time. Right we've committed to this one since now.
0:23 We want to make sure we tag this one so that we can get back to
0:25 it as well. Maybe this one is going to be V1.1.
0:30 Gonna go ahead and push that tag over there.
0:35 We've gonna release, we've shipped the fix to the users.
0:38 They're like yes we still have our three way three way rock paper scissors and it
0:42 works great. It's no longer crashing.
0:44 Thank you awesome development team. And just real quickly let's carry on adding one more
0:51 tiny tiny feature of version two.
0:54 So we want to switch back to the branch.
0:57 The main branch. So are you going to do that in source tree or we're
1:02 going to do it in PyCharm.
1:03 Just click here and just say check out and we're back all of a sudden and
1:08 here you can see our Five way rock paper scissors.
1:11 And the only thing I'm gonna do is just make this version 1-1 just so we
1:16 can see that something happens. Alright so newer version committed real quick path forward is
1:24 good 2.1 onward towards 2.01.
1:33 Alright let's go ahead and commit and push those changes real quick just to see that
1:41 this is in sync and there you go.
1:43 You can see now that we've had our version one and then we did our quick
1:48 little diversion back in time. We rolled back in time for version one and did
1:54 that fix created release V 11 and then we just keep going right where here's V2
2:00 and this is just active development and at some point well or at least to
2:04 one, call it to one.
2:06 Tag it and so on. Okay.
2:09 There was a lot of juggling a lot of moving parts there,
2:11 but hopefully you really got a good appreciation of how we can use branching and tagging
2:17 to, solve these problems of oh,
2:20 there's a fix. We have to go back and do something right.
2:23 Super common for like python packages or libraries or shipped applications.
2:28 Less common on the web. Again,
2:30 unless you're shipping the web app to people for like a software as a service on
2:34 prem type of story and that's pretty uncommon.
2:36 But it does exist. All right.
2:39 There's our first reason that we might want to create a branch and it's really great things are good.