Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: First: Verify the bug

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0:00 Well what's the first thing you do when you get a bug report,
0:02 you just create a branch and run with it?
0:04 No, you want to triage that.
0:06 You want to make sure that it's actually a problem.
0:08 So you go run the game and you type 747 seems like it works.
0:14 But again, this is version two.
0:16 So how do we easily get back to that version?
0:19 Well, in all the various tools we have,
0:21 there is a way to go back to it,
0:22 luckily we've been tagging our releases with V1 and V2 so we can come
0:27 over here and just say check out this or I could be more intentional and do
0:32 it off of the branch. I could say check out version one and it will
0:37 said your headboard bug come detached.
0:40 That means you won't be able to sort of commit after this unless you go back
0:46 or create a branch from there and so on to.
0:48 It's kind of a little bit sketchy,
0:50 but let's just go ahead and do it.
0:52 We come back here, notice instantly this changes,
0:57 let's go ahead and run it and just triage it will say seven.
1:01 Yeah, so there is the bug that's unfortunate.
1:07 Okay, well now what what do we do?
1:10 Well, of course we want to fix this and we want to roll it out
1:13 but we don't want to take the other changes this branch for a feature fix that
1:17 we've been working towards. This is where we're going right and you can see down
1:20 here there's this sort of warning that you're not,
1:25 you're detached. And so it doesn't point 2.0 branch,
1:27 which means you can't make changes and check them in really.
1:31 So that's a little sketchy. And while we're talking about branches,
1:34 notice down here, I can click on this and it will actually take me to
1:41 the different branches. Right now,
1:42 there's only one, but you can create new branches,
1:44 merge branches and stuff in PyCharm right there,
1:47 much like you can over here.