Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: v2 of Rock-Paper-Scissors

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0:00 We have big ideas for version two here.
0:03 Did you know there are actually more variations of rock paper scissors.
0:10 Oh yes. You know rock paper scissors.
0:12 But have you heard of rock paper scissors.
0:14 Spock and lizard. In fact,
0:17 there's 25 way rps as well,
0:20 which is pretty amazing. There's all these different kinds of rock paper scissors.
0:24 There's even 101 if you really,
0:27 really want. But I encourage you to go check these out.
0:29 They are tons of fun. We're not going to do 25 Way Rock Paper Scissors
0:34 But what if we did?
0:36 There's two. There's two additional players here.
0:39 We're going to add that as a feature.
0:40 This is going to be our Premier Version 2.0
0:44 thing that we're going to offer to people.
0:46 So let's go try to make some room here and add these things.
0:52 So we have rock and we're gonna need to have lizard and Spock.
1:01 Okay, fantastic. Now we just need to put the rules in for them.
1:04 So I'm going to sort of say All right,
1:06 well rock defeats lizard. So we'll put lizard in here and lizard defeats Spock.
1:15 So was their defeats Spock. So I'm just going to go through and finish filling
1:22 out the details here. No reason for you to watch me type them all.
1:25 And then we'll try our version two of the game out.
1:29 Alright, there it is. I think I have all the details put in here
1:32 correctly. Let's go and play around with our new setup.
1:38 Look, we have new roles.
1:39 So we gotta fix the version before I even.
1:41 Go on. Let's not let's not forget about fixing up the version.
1:44 This is gonna be 2.0 great.
1:47 So here we have available roles.
1:48 Rock paper scissors, lizard. Spock.
1:51 What is your role? Oh I can't resist rolling some Spock.
1:56 The computer rolls paper paper defeats Spock,
1:59 it turns out and so they take the round and I'm gonna bust out the lizard
2:02 So. Oh no the scissors.
2:06 The scissors have defeated the lizard.
2:08 It's only logical to play spock again a tie.
2:13 Oh we have defeated the scissors.
2:14 We're going straight spock to the end.
2:16 But we were defeated by paper.
2:19 It is so vexing. Even logic cannot solve paper so we've lost but fine our
2:24 game is definitely cooler. We want to check that in so we'll check that in
2:34 and say five way rps, push those changes.
2:41 Good to go now if this is the official version 2 release,
2:45 let's go over here and do those changes.
2:48 Now notice this is out of sync.
2:50 Source tree is out of sync.
2:51 So we can just do a quick pull the really a fetch would be sufficient but
2:56 we can just sort of say do sort of refresh your history here.
3:00 Okay so again this one now we want to tag this.
3:07 That's version 2.0 you can go over and you can even expand your tags
3:13 and jump back and forth to them.
3:14 We'll do that in a little bit but we and go over here and see your
3:18 tags. We can see them in this history,
3:20 we can see them on, git hub.
3:21 So we're tagging our releases. We're good to go so far everything is good right.