Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Tagging our releases

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0:00 When we did our commit, we said here's version 1.0, of RPS. But if we go back and look at the history either here or
0:08 on github, there's not really a place that says 1.0 I like that word right there says version 1.0
0:16 but that's just a part of the text of the commit message. GIT has this idea of tags. And let's go over and say that the current version,
0:24 this one here, we want it to be officially marked with 1.0 this is useful because over on GIT hub we can have things like releases
0:34 If you say I want to create a new release, it says choose a tag. Well, sorry, no tags. So let's go and add a tag so that we can
0:44 know how to get back to these versions that were working from. So we'll do tag and it will be specifically on there.
0:52 We're going to want to push this to origin. So we could tag it just in our local repository or we could say we want
1:00 to make sure that GIT hub and everyone else also gets this tag and we're just going to call it V1.0 add that.
1:09 We're pushing that over. And now here you can see the little tag and if we go to git hub, it tags we now have this one right here.
1:17 We could even create a release of it. We're not really going to go into those sorts of details because it's we're not actually
1:23 releasing this but you know, the the utility of these tags is quite high. The fact that we have this tag will allow us as we make changes in the
1:33 future to go back if for some reason we need to get back to exactly what we released to the customer or to the website or to our users if they don't
1:41 pay. And it's just open source or whatever. This is really useful because it stamps exactly what happened in source control.
1:50 It might feel like, Oh yeah, I I'll go back. I'll know which one. We'll look at the release message. Well, was it this one or you know,
1:58 I said one here but that's actually the 1.0 release there. You know, it's really confusing over time to be certain what was what.
2:04 So using tags to indicate where you are in different parts of your release cycle. Super helpful.

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