Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Reason #5 for branching: Open source

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0:00 Now the final reason that you might create a branch is because you want to
0:03 contribute to open source. That's going to look very,
0:08 very similar to a feature branch.
0:10 And I even said the way we might structure the conversation within our team of bringing
0:16 all those changes over and code review and everything could be what's called a pull request
0:19 Remember that's a git hub thing.
0:22 Built on top of some of these features.
0:24 It's not built in to git itself.
0:27 Well, it turns out that that's the primary way that people contribute to open source
0:31 projects as well. But the way that that happens is slightly different because you do
0:36 your changes on your fork of the repository and then the poor request does emerge not
0:41 back to your main branch, but to the main branch of the actual forked project
0:47 or wherever that branch originated from.
0:51 So that's a little bit different.
0:52 It's a little bit nuanced, but it's very powerful and it's a great way even
0:55 if you're not doing open source to structure the conversation around a set of changes,
0:58 but it's especially important for open source so much so that our next chapter is about
1:04 that, not this one. So we're just going to focus on these 1st four
1:08 in this chapter and then we have a whole dedicated section on git flow and pull request and all kind of stuff.