Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Reason #3 for branching: Experimentation

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0:00 Reason three for branching is experimentation. I opened this course by talking about source control being a superpower that lets you fearlessly
0:11 change and experiment with your application. Here's part of what I meant. So, again, we have our main branch and here we don't have version numbers
0:19 let's imagine. This is like a web application where you just sort of continuously release it as features are done and we want to try some new ideas.
0:28 So maybe we want to think about rewriting the front end, maybe it's an angular and like I'd really like to try to see how Vue Js
0:36 is going to work out. What if we rewrote that? It seems like that has more, more momentum and you know, in javascript,
0:42 you gotta rewrite everything every six months at a minimum, right? There's a rule for that here,
0:47 what we might do is we might say we're going to fork off a branch, whatever the current stable version is,
0:55 and we're going to completely rewrite the front end in Vue js and then we're going to decide, did that go well,
1:02 do we really want to do this or do we not want to? So we might make some changes,
1:06 you know, because it's a branch other people could contribute and look at it and we might decide, you know what? It's not necessarily that much better.
1:15 So let's just stick with what it is now. So in this case we're not going to merge those changes back,
1:20 We're just going to kind of abandon it for now and if we want to pick it up later. Sure, we can do that.
1:25 Maybe another idea. We want to talk about using an asynchronous ORM. Maybe we want to talk about using SQLalchemy 2,
1:33 and async and await and see if we can get a lot better scalability and support more users on the same hardware and the same code base.
1:40 So we might experiment with that will create another branch, then we're going to change everything over in the data layer and guess what?
1:48 This worked out, awesome. We're super psyched about it. We're like, yeah, this is definitely the path forward.
1:53 So in this case we merged those changes back into the main branch for experimentation. Sometimes experiments work out sometimes they don't,
2:02 but it allows us it's great flexibility. Nothing that we did with the view, experimentation broke the app or derail development or anything like that.
2:11 And we were able to just leave it in the branch.
2:13 The async stuff worked out and we're able to bring that in to go forward and now everyone has that async feature to work with. The reason no3 is experimentation.

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