Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Branches
Lecture: Branching introduction

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0:02 It's time to talk about branching,
0:04 branching is a really important and powerful aspect of source control.
0:09 It allows you to do parallel development.
0:12 This might be parallel development in exploring multiple ideas while also maintaining the main production level
0:19 of your app. This might be other people working in parallel and then bringing their
0:25 code together. Or even as we discussed at the beginning,
0:28 going back in time to an older version,
0:32 creating what's called a branch and then create some kind of fix or adjustment or improvement
0:37 for that version without necessarily taking into account all the new work and features that have
0:42 been done, branching is one of those things that you can use source control with
0:47 and never use but if you're really truly taking advantage of it,
0:52 you're going to want to use branching.
0:54 This is especially important on open source projects and on team projects where multiple people are
1:01 working. But as I said,
1:02 it's still valuable even if it's just you working by yourself.
1:07 So in this chapter we're going to explore several other reasons and use cases for when
1:11 you might branch, how we can do that with git and even in our git
1:16 hub repository and how you can apply some ideas and some techniques so that branching and
1:22 then bringing that work back is way less painful than it might be if you're not
1:28 taking them into account. Super exciting chapter really powerful features, it will level up your source control game.