Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Merging
Lecture: Staying *out* of the terminal

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0:00 You probably don't want to end up in just the terminal or having your files get
0:06 little indentations and markers saying this version is in here and that versions there.
0:11 Opening up an editor and just try to fix it.
0:14 That merge experience we had in PyCharm was fantastic.
0:18 So you don't want to end up in the terminal or in some other crummy tool
0:22 trying to do this. How do you do that?
0:24 Well, you could use PyCharm professional,
0:27 which would be awesome. I think actually the community edition also has that but if
0:32 say you're using source tree, it wanted to use an external tool.
0:36 I believe it comes with one built in.
0:38 That's okay. But there's also a couple of recommendations I'll make for you.
0:42 So there's a few commercial projects out there.
0:45 There's something called beyond compare. And if you want to feel like the dream of
0:49 the 90s is still alive. Oh my goodness.
0:51 You could fire up the software and It looks like it's from the 90s but it's
0:55 actually really, really useful and really effective.
0:58 So I think this is pretty nice.
1:00 It costs them money. I can't remember what it's like $30 for a lifetime access
1:04 It's, it's fine if you want to pay for anything at all.
1:08 Otherwise you could just search for some some merge tools.
1:12 Three way you want, three way merge tools.
1:14 That's the important thing and you can set that up in something like source tree if
1:20 you want to go ultra premium with the brushed aluminum.
1:24 Look, you can get kaleidoscope.
1:27 This is only for Mac and it is a super premium type of thing.
1:31 It'll diff images, I think it'll diff word documents.
1:34 It'll do all sorts of things.
1:36 Honestly, I haven't used this yet,
1:37 but its whole purpose is like this premium merge experience in finding differences and it seems
1:43 pretty fantastic. But its price is also pretty fantastic.
1:46 It's $150 for emerged tools. So you know,
1:50 I'm not there yet. I'm either using PyCharm generally or when I'm not using
1:54 that. I'm absolutely using beyond compare beyond compare is fantastic.
1:58 If you have a whole directory tree of changes,
2:00 you're like, I need to see how everything in this directory changed compared to that
2:04 and you can dive into the individual files and so on.
2:07 Finally, if you're actually using the terminal for things like git,
2:12 git pulled, git pushed and so on on the terminal or command prompt,
2:16 you might want to check out this article links at the bottom here you can go
2:21 and actually configure which diff tools are launched when you run cli commands that result in
2:28 some kind of merge conflict. So for example,
2:31 you can set up a diff tool and emerge tool.
2:33 It says pro only. This is not pro git and this is pro beyond compare
2:38 So in this example it's showing you how to set up beyond compare registered globally
2:44 for your user account with git so anytime git encounters one of these problems.
2:49 Boom, this is going to pop up.
2:50 That's pretty cool. You just do get Config--global diff.tool bc3
2:56 and I guess you could not do the global and probably make it for
3:00 one project or the other. So when you're doing these merges again,
3:04 almost all the time it's automatic,
3:06 but when it's not, you want a really good tool to help you.
3:09 So go out and find one.
3:11 Set it up. Like I said,
3:12 source tree, I think it has a nice one built in uh that it registers
3:16 but you can find other ones,
3:19 like the ones I've suggested here.