Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Merging
Lecture: Getting everyone back in sync

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0:00 Here we are back in. Windows are developer has stepped away from their desk.
0:05 Maybe they were working on their
0:06 TPS reports. I don't know but recall that visual studio code said
0:11 hey I would like to just periodically keep an eye on what might be happening with
0:16 regard to the remote repository notice right here that I do not have the changes about
0:24 the template. Right. I've got my changes,
0:26 I've done the jokes and stuff but we're still in line rendering all of that and
0:32 if I go over to the source code stuff you don't see too much going on
0:36 But look down a little bit right there.
0:39 See those 3 down 0 up funny web git pull three commits from origin/main
0:46 This is where that pulling shows up.
0:49 It says look there's some stuff you could work on here,
0:52 you could synchronize so I just click that and boom check out my code has changed
0:56 We have flask render template.
0:58 If I expand this again we have the templates folder,
1:01 we have our joke right there and we still have our data and we still have
1:05 our app.py we also got a little the cleanup that I did.
1:09 So let's see if I go right here,
1:11 here we go. We got a scroll over I guess Michael Kennedy 18 minutes ago
1:15 added the HTML template for the joke.
1:19 Whereas over here we finished the new data layer so you can see it's brought those
1:24 changes together and now we have zero and zero.
1:27 Let's just do a quick run just to make sure everything's hanging together.
1:34 Sure enough, we have it still working.
1:36 We could zoom a little and we've even picked up the changes the other developer added
1:41 on, so very good, very good.
1:44 Let's see relationship status. I'll leave the relations to the database.
1:48 Very nice. So incredibly easy to keep in sync.
1:53 And the little VS code thing.
1:54 The little pulling is quite nice actually,
1:56 by the way, this also does that you can see it has its three items
2:01 that it could pull over. It takes a moment to realize,
2:04 you know, that we actually did that over in another tool,
2:07 but a source tree also does that periodically.
2:10 Pulling we didn't ask it to do.
2:11 So I hit fetch. This will sort of refresh it.
2:16 And this is actually no, you know what we're in sync.
2:18 Forget it. That's kind of just kind of like refresh that status for you.
2:22 Okay, So now both of the developers are once again exactly in sync.