Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Teamwork: Merging
Lecture: Setting up the second developer on Windows 10

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0:00 In the previous chapter you saw that we set up this funny web repository.
0:04 We had set it up also to run locally in PyCharm and
0:10 VS code and we can come down here and click on it and it'll tell us
0:13 a joke relationship status, I'll leave the relations to the database.
0:17 Thank you very much. So.
0:19 Great. We're going to continue over here in PyCharm to work on this project
0:22 We're going to maybe add a better way to render HTML than this.
0:29 However, it's time to introduce you to our other team member.
0:33 We have a new developer over here on our Windows machine.
0:38 So on our Windows machine, we're going to have another developer who's going to use
0:41 Visual Studio code, who is also a web developer on this project.
0:46 So what we want to do is we want to have over here in Windows have
0:51 that same person get ahold of this repository and check it out so they can also
0:57 work on it on their other machines.
0:59 Okay, again, there are many options.
1:01 We're going to use Visual studio code over here and PyCharm on the Mac and
1:06 I can just come over here and say let's go to source control and I could
1:09 clone the repository. Put it over here.
1:12 I could clone it from git hub.
1:14 So that's one way to do it.
1:16 But let's actually just so we can see more than one tool happening over on Windows
1:20 Let's also use source tree.
1:23 I'm gonna go over here to source tree again,
1:25 it works on Mac. Os and Windows and it's great.
1:27 It looks a little bit different on Mac versus Windows but it's all the same here
1:33 I registered my github accounts so it'll actually show all the various repositories and
1:39 if I type it funny I can just come over here and click clone and well
1:45 let's see where do we want to put this?
1:47 It says you're going to go from git hub here to my account documents.
1:52 Let's go not so much with this documents thing.
1:56 We have a folder called code and let's go make a new folder in here.
2:07 Call it git course and then we're gonna clone it into the git course.
2:11 It will create a sub folder called uh Funny web.
2:14 So we'll select that folder. We do want it to go a little further Funny
2:19 web. There we go. Just like that.
2:23 We could see the advanced options again,
2:25 pretty similar as before. Let's clone it here.
2:30 We haven't we've cloned to our local machine again.
2:33 You can see that you could open it up in the terminal or Windows Explorer and
2:36 you could actually capture the path.
2:38 Who knows maybe having that will be helpful.
2:40 Let's go over to visual studio code and just see if we can load it up
2:43 so we don't want to do this anymore.
2:45 We want to get rid of our don't want to say file,
2:49 open folder. Paste it in here.
2:54 Selected and look we've got it we've got our code and everything checked out on this
3:00 machine. Still a little more configuration to do,
3:02 but we're off to a really good start.