Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Our first git repository
Lecture: Pushing changes to the hosted repo

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0:00 Well our Abbot, I gotta tell you it is absolutely amazing. I mean who doesn't want to greet the entire world?
0:08 It's time to share that back with our source control on. Git. So if we go back over here and refresh it again, all we have is initial commit,
0:16 initial commit, initial commit. We can view all the history. There is one commit done by me.
0:22 That's because even though we've made all these changes here, they're all local, they still have this pending to be pushed.
0:29 So they're checked into my local clone of git but not the sync version where it came from. Not the Origin Main. They're just checked into local main.
0:39 So what we can do with any of these three tools, I've shown you as I can do a git push.
0:45 So the closest most detailed version you can do is come over here and PyCharm I could press the push button and VS code. I could do that as well.
0:55 But let's see what we get over here. Remember I told you about all the details here.
1:01 So instead of just pushing it says well where what origin do you want to push too? And what branches and do we include the tags and so on and so
1:09 on. So almost always the default is just say okay wait a moment and now you can see Origin main matches local main. Let's go back over here. Refresh.
1:22 Yes four commits which is interesting. Right. How many times did we synchronize with github one,
1:29 one time. If this was centralized source control there would be one commit. But no, we did a bunch of commits and then all in one shot we
1:36 brought them over, For example, eight minutes ago we did our basic flask app three minutes ago we did this even though we sync it all at once,
1:45 it still tracks the difference in time when they happened and you can see down here But those are the three additional things.
1:51 We did add flask to requirements, create a basic shell, Hello World app. And do the git ignored to ignore the .idea folder
1:59 So fantastic. If someone else has clone this repository and they want to get the changes, all they have to do is do a git pull and they'll have them.

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