Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Our first git repository
Lecture: First repository introduction

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0:03 It's time to start writing some code, creating some repositories and doing source control things that we've wanted to do all along.
0:13 So in this chapter let's talk through the plan. What are we going to do? What are we going to cover? We're going to create a hosted,
0:19 Git repository over on git hub. This is going to mean that we're going to need to have an account.
0:25 We're gonna clone this originally mostly empty repository but not entirely empty repository over to our local machine so that we can work on it.
0:35 We're going to connect this local repo with some of our UI tools and our editors we're gonna write some Python code.
0:43 I'm feeling maybe a flask simple Hello World app is coming along. What do you think? We're going to also work with some externally added files,
0:51 right. We do something in our editor. Our editor might automatically do some of these get steps for us. We'll see how to work with them.
0:59 Even when that doesn't happen. We're going to teach git and our tools that use
1:05 git how to ignore certain files that are never supposed to be saved into the repository we want to commit those changes.
1:14 The ones that should be sent over into our local cloned copies are distributed part of git locally. And then finally,
1:23 when it persists of changes back to git hub to be shared with the broader community
1:27 and honestly ourselves. If we happen to come back at a different time on a different computer. As I already said,
1:33 you're going to need a free git hub account, you can do almost everything you do on git hub entirely for free. Sometimes companies pay for github.
1:42 You may wonder how Git hub which offers all this free stuff, actually exists as a business. There are ways in which github has services you
1:50 might pay for, but as an individual that's very unlikely that you're going to run into it these days. So before you go on,
1:57 go over here to github.com/sign up and sign up. If you have an account great. If you don't make sure you create one before we get going.

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