Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: The '6' core git operations
Lecture: Branch, checkout, and merge

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0:00 The final group set of commands. The final command here is branch and check out as well as emerge here.
0:08 We are in source tree looking at the history of this project. Over on the side You can see there are branches,
0:16 these are the parallel development, you know, I want to split off work on this feature until I get it totally polished and
0:21 then we can bring it back into the main line and so on. So we have this locally. These are branches,
0:27 we have already checked out and we create them through using the branch keyword and then we activate them using check out.
0:34 You can see them visualized here with different colors and you can also, if you expand that over on origin, these are the ones that exist on github.
0:42 There might be more than the ones we have locally or even when we might have local ones. We've yet to push back to github.
0:49 And finally, if you take changes from somewhere else, some other branch and you bring them into your branch.
0:54 Often if there's any files that have been edited in both scenarios, those have to be merged. In fact,
1:00 that also happens when you do a pull back from git hub. If someone else has also made a change to that branch that you're actively on.
1:09 We're going to focus a lot on these three things towards the end of the course more we get into team work section.

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