Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: The '6' core git operations
Lecture: Log

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0:00 The next idea to dive into is log and log tells us what changes have been made to software. So for example in my terminal I would type,
0:10 git log and it'll say over in c Python, Michael made some merged from his fork and then a little bit further back we have
0:18 Zachary where updated zlib on windows and Julian Pollard fixed. Superfluous back tick in front of the role and so on.
0:27 Right. So this tells us what's happened if you look at this. Yeah, it's useful but usually you don't work with it that way.
0:35 Usually we have a higher level of view. So for example in visual studio code, we can go over and look at the git timeline for a file and it has
0:45 things like merge, remote tracking branch or a bump version to prepare for release or all these different things here. Right.
0:53 So this is a different projects. So the messages are different but you can see it has kind of a nicer view
0:59 here that you can go through and explore and interact with over on PyCharm. We have even more, we can go to the log and you can actually see
1:07 all the different branches and how they link back together, it will highlight which ones are in the branch that you have selected and all of
1:14 those things. Similarly in source tree and the other things.
1:17 Alright, so the foundation of being able to basically see the history, this the log of repository.

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