Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: The '6' core git operations
Lecture: Push and pull

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0:00 So if this add and commit workflow doesn't change the remote server and synchronized with other users, how do we do that? Well, that's push and pull.
0:09 So we've got this workflow down here in the bottom left that we just talked about It's already all done. I've done a bunch of commits locally.
0:15 If I want to take those changes and share them back with other users and make them officially part of the software,
0:21 I need to push that to the remote server and synchronize everything there.
0:26 Say this bunch of changes, maybe seven different commits across different branches.
0:31 I want to push that over to the server so that it saves it for anyone else who might clone it or work with it.
0:38 Similarly, other people might have done this or even I could have done this on my laptop and now I'm on some other computer. I want to get it back.
0:45 I need to get those other changes locally. So that's pull Keep in mind this is our interaction with our local copy of the
0:55 repository and the server hosted one.
0:57 But there are other developers doing the same thing making their changes locally and then synchronizing those back and forth with push and pull.

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