Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: The '6' core git operations
Lecture: Clone

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0:00 Conceptually our first git command clone works like this. We have somewhere some kind of hosting server and this has code in a repository we
0:11 went to work with already. Maybe this is something we just went to github and said new repository and we want to get it or it could be we've joined
0:19 a team or an open source project that's been going on for a long time. However, we got there there's some sort of server hosting,
0:26 a github repository and we want to work with it. Remember this is not centralized version control.
0:31 We can't directly commit to and from that remote server instead we clone it. So on our machine we want to get this over right now we don't have it
0:40 We use the clone command which you can think of as a copy and it copies not just the files but all of the versions,
0:48 all the history, all the changes and information about what's happened to those files locally
0:52 So that then we work with the files on our machine as we make changes Remember, clone is a disconnected thing.
1:02 It happens once and then until we do some other operation, there's no connection back to the hosting server.

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