Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Your instructor: Michael Kennedy

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0:00 finally, as we're about to dive deeper on this adventure of getting better with git let me introduce myself more formally hi.
0:10 I'm Michael Kennedy. You can see me here on the picture, but you also see me in the corner if you want to follow me on twitter
0:16 over where, over there, where I'm @mkennedy. You may know me from the Talk Python to Me podcast where I interview a ton of
0:24 people about Python things and also about git things. I'm also co hosting the Python bytes podcast over there,
0:32 which is like Python news. Take away from these two items is that I spend a lot of time with experts in Python,
0:40 talking about developer things. And so I'm gonna try to bring some of that experience
0:45 in these different viewpoints that I've gotten from these situations, back to our course here. Finally, you're taking this course at Talk Python.
0:54 I'm the founder of Talk Python Training and for this particular course, one of the authors as well. It's great to meet you. Follow me on twitter.
1:02 Come say hi, let me know you're taking the course. It's going to be great to explore these ideas with you.

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