Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Forks, stars, and PRs, not a thing in git

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0:00 If you go to git hub,
0:02 that's where you do get things right is over on Git hub.
0:04 Actually that is where most people do it but not everyone.
0:07 Nonetheless, if you go there and you go to a repository in your web browser
0:11 you see all sorts of cool things.
0:14 You see forks, you see stars,
0:16 you see pull requests. These are not a git thing,
0:21 these are Git hub things. So just to be clear and git we don't have
0:25 the idea of starring a repository that's like bookmarks in the web.
0:29 That's really all that is. Forking the repository is a way to make a copy
0:35 but then taking control of hosting that yourself.
0:39 So for example if we click on fork,
0:42 maybe I want to make changes to cpython,
0:45 I am not a core developer so I'm not allowed to directly commit back to the
0:50 c python repository under the python organization.
0:54 But if I want to work with it,
0:56 what I can do is fork it say over here to talk python at talk python
1:00 I do have admin privileges.
1:03 I can set it up so I could write to this project.
1:05 I make all my changes and then commit them back and if I decide it's valuable
1:10 to the larger community, I can then create what's called a pull request that will
1:16 open a discussion about pushing those changes actually back into c python itself,
1:21 we're going to talk more about these in the teamwork and the pr section.
1:24 But I just want to point out really quick pull requests.
1:28 Forks, Stars, these are concepts that Git hub has layered on top of Git
1:33 is not exactly a git thing,
1:34 but they are awesome and incredibly empowering.