Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Git != GitHub

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0:00 Here's a mistake that's easy to make to use GIT or Git hub interchangeably.
0:06 We're going to work with a GIT hub repository when really you just meant a git
0:10 repository that may or may not be on git I'm sure that I'll make that mistake
0:15 through the course. Maybe I haven't I haven't even noticed it yet.
0:18 So I'm sorry if I do.
0:19 However, it's very important when you're new to git to point out that git is
0:25 not related to is not associated with does not come from git hub or git lab
0:31 or any of these other hosts.
0:33 So git it's a program I can go to my computer as long as git is
0:37 installed and type get and say git -- help.
0:42 And it'll tell me the different things I can do with git. Git hub is a
0:49 server. Software as a service platform that you can create an account at where you
0:55 can create a github repository that will be hosted by them and git can talk to
0:59 it right, but git and git hub.
1:01 Not related. Not the same thing.
1:04 In order to do stuff on Git hub.
1:06 Usually you use GIT but you don't have to.
1:08 And so just remember git is the program that does the processing and when you use
1:14 the tools in the UI that I showed you often it's shelling out to run Git
1:18 behind the scenes or using some get API internally to do the work as
1:23 if it were the program. And then when the code is shared or backed up
1:29 on a remote server often times that's Git hub.
1:31 But it could be places like git lab or even servers you set up yourself so
1:35 git not equal to get hub, but they both are great.