Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Git the source code

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0:01 The amount of code that we write in this course will not be intense.
0:05 We're not going to write a ton and we're not going to start from really complicated
0:08 examples with say a web app with tons of css and javascript but you may well want to get the source code. Now
0:16 how we create this throughout the course and how I give it back to you is unique is different for this particular course than almost any other one.
0:25 What I'm gonna do is give you this Github repository you see on the screen here, pragmatic git course. So if you just go to 'github.com/
0:33 Python/pragmatic-git-course' you can click that green code button and clone it or download it. We're going to talk about how to do this.
0:42 We're going to do some of these things together of course as we get going. Not quite yet, but very soon.
0:49 However, so much what we need to do for this course is going to involve
0:53 creating a github repository and then make some changes and maybe we're going to be in a different scenario for a different one.
0:59 Like we want to fork an open source repository and then work with that. Git does not allow you to have nested repositories within itself.
1:09 There's not a great way to do that. Do you have your repository and all your code Right. This is kind of a weird meta case.
1:16 And so we're going to have code in here but also throughout the course much of this, we're going to actually go and create new repositories with,
1:23 git in various ways and interact with it. So this is what I'm gonna be delivering to you. So you have all the details to work with.
1:31 But at the same time it's not going to be precisely what happens during the course
1:35 because we're going to be doing things with multiple Git hub repositories and so on. Nonetheless, please go over here and fork and start this.
1:44 You don't have a github account yet. Hang tight. We'll talk about that throughout the course,
1:49 but eventually you want to be able to start this and save it so you can get back to all the materials that we covered.

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