Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Prerequisite knowledge and experience

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0:01 So what do you need to take this course? What pre work of set knowledge or experience do we expect you to have?
0:09 Well, you're in luck. It's not very much as I said the beginning,
0:12 this is really for people who are new to source control as well as professional developers.
0:17 So we don't ask a lot of you basically no version control experience at all The more you've had of course,
0:24 the more you'll be able to relate some of the ideas about, like say the difference between a distributed and a centralized version control system,
0:32 but that's not required. We're going to write all of our code in Python and
0:37 our examples are going to be Python based but you won't really need to know Python very much at all to do this course.
0:44 It's a great language, it's lots of fun. It's what I do, but we just need some sort of source code text files
0:51 basically that we can change and see how those effects happen. We're going to do that with Python but you don't really need to know a lot
0:57 about it. You can just follow along, you will probably need to set up some software on your system.
1:05 A lot of the new tools installed just for your user profile. So that's great. But you're going to need to be able to install software for
1:11 the various ui tools that we recommend and some of the editors and so on and finally a little bit of terminal and command prompt in Windows experience.
1:20 Now I told you we're going to stay out of the terminal for almost the entire
1:26 time. But there's a cool couple of examples and a cool couple of tools that
1:31 we can bring in that will enhance our experience for the few times you do need to be on the command prompt,
1:36 so it's worth having that experience as well.

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