Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: Why choose git?

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0:01 When git came on the scene, there were many different source control software options and to be honest,
0:08 they still technically exist, although git has become by far the most popular way that people do version control and collaborate building software.
0:18 So why would we choose git. Well, git is a open source distributed version control system and that provides a ton of flexibility
0:27 We're going to explore what that means but it's very powerful in an open source
0:32 scenario where you approach a project you've discovered but you not involved with it yet.
0:38 It's also very powerful to allow teams to work in more flexible and loosely coupled ways Some of the other options you might have heard of.
0:44 are Subversion, Subversion was really great for its day, but it is a centralized version control system which is much more restrictive.
0:54 That means all the changes you make immediately get contributed back to the repository unlike Git
0:58 which allows you to build up some work and then decide if it's appropriate to share it with the team or the open source project.
1:05 We also have Team Foundation server from Microsoft. Well, guess what? Microsoft actually removed TFS and brought in Git as its default
1:16 recommended way of doing source control. Even for team Foundation server. So if you were in that space doing TFS stuff
1:24 again, you really want to think about moving to git there's PERFORCE which is pretty popular in the enterprise space And if you want to go way way
1:33 back, have some fun go back 20 years or so. The predecessor to subversion was even something called CVS.
1:39 Again, all of these except for git being centralized version control systems that require you to
1:47 be way more careful about how you work with other people on the team as well
1:51 as requiring you to have way more access to the system with git you can work
1:56 on something, you might not be able to change without rearranging that with these others
2:01 You must be able to write to the repository in order to make any changes at all. We're going to explore this idea of distributed later,
2:08 but git is certainly more popular and more flexible than the things that came before it.

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