Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: You should use VCS

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0:00 When we think about version control, many people see this as a tool for teams to use to build software and that
0:08 is absolutely true. Teams take great advantage of source control to build software.
0:14 It allows them to collaborate and do so in a safe and controlled way. But you should be using source control if you're on a team of course.
0:22 But even if you're by yourself, how do I know if you're not using version control? Do you have a project that maybe you zipped it up to save it?
0:31 So you could make some changes and try it out? Is there a set of zip files? One of them called version two version two,
0:38 final version two final edited some crazy thing like that. Just like I said before version control gives you this great ability to explore and change
0:48 your code without fear of breaking it or losing anything because all you do is save the version control. Go tear it up if it's an improvement.
0:56 Great if it's not you just go back through version control the way it was and carry on. Version control is super useful as a backup and a tool to allow
1:05 you to be more aggressive with evolving your software even if you're not in a team. So you should be using Version Control.

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