Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing Git
Lecture: What is VCS

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0:00 What is version control often referred to as VCS or version control Software.
0:05 Version control is kind of like a superpower to be honest.
0:08 It lets you fearlessly change and experiment with your software.
0:13 Just focus on yourself. You can try to make all sorts of changes and version
0:17 control will allow you to go back in time to the way your software used to be
0:21 If you're working in a team it takes it to another level.
0:25 Your team can collaborate on software and different people can work simultaneously on different parts of
0:30 the code and bring that together.
0:33 If there's any kind of problems,
0:34 say you've released version two but somebody's reported a version one problem you need to fix
0:39 that right away. You can't just go and somehow revert version to back.
0:44 But with source control you can go back find that location,
0:48 Split it off into a parallel branch of development.
0:51 Very much like this pink or green line.
0:54 You might see here split off into a parallel branch of development,
0:58 fix that problem and release it without interrupting the latest version of your software.
1:03 So version control software saves the history of your application as it was through time.
1:10 Both in a direct way you've released it sort of style but also in a parallel
1:16 development. Maybe you've explored some feature.
1:19 You tried that out and decided not to integrate it.
1:22 Well that's going to still be there in your history.
1:25 If you have automatic releases and testing through continuous integration.
1:28 Usually version control is at the center of the exchange and notification of new versions of
1:33 your software to kick things off like that.