Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Linking between sites
Lecture: Setting up intersphinx

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0:00 Inter Sphinx is a sphinx extension. It's bundled with Sphinx but it isn't on by default. Let's quickly show enabling it and setting it up.
0:12 I'm back in my sphinx .conf file and in the extensions to Sphinx I want to add an entry to turn on 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx'.
0:26 Now that the extension is loaded, I need to do a little bit of configuration for it.
0:31 I need to point it at the external websites that has Sphinx inventories available that I would like to use in my website.
0:42 So the first thing I want to add is the inter sphinx mapping which says when
0:48 I'm doing links in my sight and I put the special prefix on it called Sphinx which we'll see in a bit.
0:56 Then that comes from the intersphinx inventory at this URL.
1:03 And you're basically telling Sphinx hey you gotta go download this special file at that place
1:07 I have one other thing I have to do with MyST which is turn on this URL. Schemes thing to allow MyST to work correctly with some of the
1:18 URL Syntax. And with this now set up we will start using it and see it how downloads the inevntory files.

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