Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: More Authoring
Lecture: Introduction to More Authoring

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0:00 We've done some simple markdown but we're aiming higher static websites with richer content and structure
0:08 of the kinds of things that Sphinx can do in this step, we'll look at more of what's possible thanks to MyST and it's Markdown parser we'll
0:18 show how to do more with images. Thanks to some alternate syntaxes that MyST introduces.
0:24 We'll go a little further into the knobs that govern the funky kind of table of contents thingy. That's key to Sphinx.
0:33 If you've seen doc's you've probably seen air quotes, admonitions, those cool call outs for warnings and notes etcetera.
0:43 MyST has some cool stuff here too. Do you want to include downloadable files such as PDFs into your generated site?
0:52 We'll take a look at that and just to flex a little, we'll talk a little bit about Sphinx's browser side search widget,
1:01 which has had for a long time to give search capabilities to static websites.

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