Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Simple Markdown
Lecture: What this means for Sphinx

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0:00 Okay, big deal. A static site generator. They can use markdown syntax. There's hundreds if not thousands of these ones probably being
0:09 written right now. We'll show in the coming sections the rich engine. Thanks to Sphinx underneath this markdown syntax.
0:17 But even for these simple formatting cases, there's a lot more going on than you think first. It's not just HTML Sure. You see an italic,
0:26 you see a bold, but it's actually inserting a intermediate semantic node, which can then work with other builders, for example, to do italics in pdf.
0:36 The Rich linking. Sure, you have markdown syntax. That looks simple, but with Sphinx plus MyST its linking to structure,
0:44 its connecting two pieces of information. We saw that a little bit with generating the link, text from the target and finally the headings.
0:54 Sure, it's big and bold, right? But in Sphinx it's actually sub structure in a document which can be put to use in many ways. For example,
1:03 toc trees can link to headings within a document. There's a big engine underneath Sphinx and MyST even for italics links and headings.
1:12 This engine can be used for rich organized websites. We'll see more of this in the course.

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