Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Simple Markdown
Lecture: Background on Markdown

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0:00 We have a python project. We have Sphinx.
0:03 We have a couple of markdown documents.
0:05 Let's take a little bit more of a look at what we can do with markdown
0:08 in Sphinx. Thanks to MyST.
0:12 First, we have to clarify what do we mean when we say markdown,
0:15 what we really mean is common mark because the word markdown actually has a little bit
0:20 of a troubled history. The creator of the word wants to control the usage of
0:25 it. Some of the common mark project arose MyST,
0:29 Which implements marked down for Sphinx more specifically for doc details,
0:34 says that it implements a super set of common mark markdown.