Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Clean up

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0:01 We made a lot of progress so far in the setup we created a python project
0:06 installed some dependencies. Built a sphinx site using the scaffold added Markdown support,
0:12 have a live reload server. Before we make any more progress,
0:17 let's do a little bit of cleanup and move some of the auto generated craft out
0:22 of the way. And also switch our index file from restructured text to markdown.
0:28 Now, start in the sphinx configuration file
0:32 It's got a lot of these comments with all the possible things that you could put
0:37 into Sphinx configuration file commented out.
0:40 We will remove all that and instead,
0:43 let's just have a small portion that includes the settings that we're actually using. There.
0:51 That's a lot cleaner. Now,
0:52 we'll go over to the 'index.rst'.
0:55 What we really want is something that's a markdown.
0:58 So let's rename it to ''.
1:03 And then for the contents of this file that's converted over to markdown,
1:11 let's have the title be something about schlock chain and then we're going to replace the
1:16 toc tree. That was a restructured text directive with the MyST.
1:23 Markdown variation of this. We'll see a lot more about how directives look and markdown
1:30 in subsequent sections. But for now we have changed our site to being 100% markdown.