Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: First Markdown page

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0:00 With markdown enabled in our Sphinx site. Thanks to MyST. Let's add our first markdown page in my editor,
0:11 I'll create a new file for an about us page on the Schlock chain website. This is going to say about us as the title and some text with this text
0:26 in place. We see that we get a little bit of a preview of markdown in our tool. Now when we saved, we got a warning from Sphinx,
0:36 it's a little bit mis formatted because of the live reload tool. But the warning said that I've got this document called About Us and it's not included
0:47 in any doctree. Now, what does that mean? In Sphinx Just because you leave a file in that directory doesn't mean it's actually in your site
0:55 you have to put it into a table of contents somewhere. We currently have one table of contents. This is at the top of the site in 'index.rst'.
1:04 I will go to that and say about_us to add that document to the doctree. Now, when it runs it's no longer mad. And if I go back over to my preview,
1:21 I see a link to an about us page which I can actually click on and see the rendering of that markdown file right along side the restructured text file.

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