Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Adding Markdown

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0:01 We just edited an '.rst' file and showed how the build can happen automatically and then
0:08 the browser gets reload. But that was an RST file.
0:11 This course is about Markdown in this step,
0:14 let's add markdown to our Sphinx site.
0:17 We'll do so by using 'MyST' a parser of markdown which works with Sphinx and
0:24 doc tells to make it kind of transparent to Sphinx.
0:28 Whether you're using restructured text or markdown,
0:32 I'll go ahead and do an install by switching back to my editor and of course
0:38 I need to go to requirements.txt and here I will add the name of
0:42 the package and install it. That isn't enough to get Sphinx to use it.
0:52 Just because the packages installed doesn't mean that Sphinx knows it's really they're going to go
0:57 back to my configuration file. I'm gonna search for extensions.
1:03 I'm going to add the MyST parser as an extension So with that in place
1:11 our site can now speak both restructured text and markdown, which we will do in next step.