Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Creating a new project

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0:00 Let's start from, well, the beginning an empty directory into which we will slowly
0:05 build a website first by making a new python project.
0:11 I'll make a directory. I'll name it after the fictional company's name.
0:15 CD into it. We're going to use MacOS.
0:19 Linux. WSL command shell syntax in this tutorial.
0:24 Since Python recommends using a virtual environment for isolation,
0:28 we'll go ahead and make one.
0:29 I'll use the python3 syntax and I like to store my virtual environments in the
0:35 project. I will then use the command to activate this terminal so that its path
0:44 is first, which then lets me run the pip that is in this virtual environment
0:50 What we always have to do is upgrade our pip.
0:53 As soon as we make a new one,
0:56 take advantage of any security updates and stuff like that.
1:00 And with that in place, our new blank python project is now ready for a Sphinx installation.