Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Our scenario

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0:00 This course on static websites with Sphinx and Markdown needs a scenario,
0:05 so we'll simulate building the website for a fictional company named Schlock Chain.
0:12 The company has obviously a lot of marketing it wants to do then,
0:15 otherwise, how are you going to spend the venture capitalist funding?
0:18 It also has some code with obviously patents that it wants to show.
0:24 The VC's want a website. The Founders aren't really technical,
0:27 so they want to use Markdown.
0:29 Thus we're going to use Sphinx with Markdown,
0:32 thanks to MyST, and we're gonna show building out some content,
0:36 customizing and adding a site design.