Responder Web Framework Mini-course Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Your-turn, again

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0:00 Remember at the beginning when I told you
0:01 there are two ways to follow along?
0:03 Well, you've gone through level one
0:05 you've watched all the videos
0:06 and maybe you followed along
0:08 and built out that movie service as we did.
0:11 Well it's time to keep building and follow along.
0:13 Now it's your turn!
0:15 So visit the URL at the bottom or just go to the GitHub repo
0:18 and go to Your Turn.
0:19 You'll see a bunch of steps on how you can explore
0:21 create your own service using some Mockaroo fake data
0:25 and build something uniquely yours
0:28 and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.
0:29 So don't forget the step
0:30 to go and do a Your Turn and explore
0:33 the steps are right there.