Responder Web Framework Mini-course Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Go deeper with 100 days of web

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0:00 We covered quite a bit actually in this course,
0:01 We talked about Responder,
0:04 a bunch of stuff with HTTP endpoints.
0:06 We talked about Mockeroo, and we even did
0:07 a little bit of Vue JS.
0:09 But, it is nothing compared to what we cover
0:11 in the 100 Days of Web in Python course.
0:14 This represents only 1/100th of what we're covering.
0:18 Eh, you throw in the Vue JS, maybe 1.5%
0:22 of what is covered in the 100 Days of Web course.
0:24 So, if you want to go deeper, definitely
0:26 be on the look-out for when we release this course,
0:29 and maybe check out to see
0:32 if it's already released if you're watching this
0:34 a little bit later after we've recorded this.
0:36 It's a super fun course and if you like these kind of things,
0:39 you should definitely check out the full course.