Responder Web Framework Mini-course Transcripts
Chapter: Building a RESTful API with Responder
Lecture: What API will we build?

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0:00 Before we open up the API of Responder
0:03 and start writing code with it
0:04 I want to give you a quick tour
0:06 of what we're going to build.
0:08 We're going to rebuild this service
0:10 the Movie Db service from Talk Python.
0:14 You know this is a demo type of API
0:17 that I took and built long ago
0:19 for another one of my courses.
0:21 It allows you to search for movies
0:22 so here you can see we're searching for "run"
0:26 and we search for say "job"
0:27 we get, you know The Italian Job and things like that.
0:30 So, we have this nice API here that we can work with.
0:33 We have this sort of landing page here at the front
0:36 and you can also search by director
0:37 or even pull up the details
0:38 of an individual movie by IMDB code.
0:42 So, we're going to take the data backend for this
0:44 which is really a Python file
0:45 and just like a simple CSV
0:47 and we're going to recreate this in Responder.
0:51 This one is actually running Pyramid on one of my servers
0:54 but for our demo, we're going to take this
0:56 and just recreate the same concept
0:58 using the same data source with Responder.
1:01 Should be a lot of fun
1:02 and you can check this thing out here of course
1:04 or just check out the after code as we go through it.