Responder Web Framework Mini-course Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Some excerpts from 100 days

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0:00 Now some of the content
0:01 in fact the main demo where we build out this Responder API
0:05 comes from this other course that we're working on
0:08 and we have been working on for a long time
0:10 called 100 days of Web in Python.
0:13 Haven't heard of it?
0:14 That's because this is the first time
0:16 were publicly talking about it at all
0:18 so workin' on this with Bob Belderbos
0:20 and Julian Sequeira who helped
0:22 with the 100 days of Python course
0:24 100 days of Code in Python course
0:25 that we already did, and this is another
0:27 massive course covering all sorts of things
0:29 in the web framework world.
0:30 Vue JS, React, Flask, Django, Responder
0:34 APIStar, you name it.
0:36 If you want to dig into a bunch of different web frameworks
0:39 and kind of get a survey of the entire landscape
0:40 this is the course where we're doing that.
0:43 It's going to be like 25 hours of content
0:45 and it's going to be amazing.
0:46 So in the next chapter when we build out this API
0:49 some of that presentation is coming from
0:51 a little excerpt from his 100 Days of Web course.
0:55 Now, I didn't know anything about it
0:57 or have any experience with this 100 Days of Web course
1:00 but you'll see it in the demo links
1:02 like in the fold or path.
1:04 Things like that if you see that and
1:06 you're like, wait, what is this 100 Days of Web about?
1:08 Well, here's what it's about.
1:09 So we took this little bit of Responder
1:11 from the 100 Days of Web course
1:12 and we turned it into its own proper course
1:15 this little mini course that you can take right here.
1:18 That's what it's about, check this out.
1:19 It's not out yet at the time of the recording
1:22 but maybe the time of watching.
1:24 Anyway, if you subscribe to get notified
1:26 somehow at
1:29 like you have an account and you haven't opted out
1:31 for example, you'll definitely hear about this
1:33 when it comes out.
1:34 Heads up, this a little excerpt from a really big course
1:37 that's been blown up to be its own proper course.