Python-powered Chat Apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Sending outbound text messages
Lecture: The messages we can send, and the ones we can't

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0:00 Now, before we go and write the message we want to send, we need to talk for just a moment about sandbox message templates.
0:08 What are those? It turns out that WhatsApp doesn't want you to arbitrarily start spamming people, Surprise, Surprise Right?
0:16 While we're in this sandbox mode, we can only send a couple of messages so we can send your some piece of
0:23 information, code is something your appointment is coming up on at such and such place or your blank order of whatever has shipped.
0:33 And it's to be delivered on whatever day with some more details. Outside of that, you have to go to WhatsApp and have your messages approved in
0:42 this template format. It also says there's this 24 hour window. So if you have a conversation with somebody and they interact with you,
0:51 you have 24 hours to send them whatever you want. Like, we have a small, medium and large cake. What size of that cake would you like?
0:59 Right that is good for 24 hours. But if days are going to go by and then eventually their cake is ready and
1:05 we want to tell them we're going to have to in this horse. And this test mode and this development mode probably use something like this for our format
1:13 in practice. What you would do is you would go to WhatsApp. You'd get something verified. You can click here and say,
1:18 Learn more about templates and there's a whole section on how to go through and do that. But what you need to do is get the types of messages that you
1:25 want to send as a inbound message to the user outside of the 24 hour window You got to get that approved.
1:32 So we're just gonna go with something simple like this to make sure that it's going
1:35 to work. Your cake code is ready for pickup, or something weird like that.

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