Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Beautiful confirmation emails
Lecture: Intro to SendGrid

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0:00 In this chapter, we're going to switch over and work with a new product or
0:03 new service from Twilio. Twilio sendgrid.
0:07 So Twilio Send Grid is an email service from twilio,
0:12 as you might imagine, and they do two core things,
0:15 among others. They do email campaigns where you can set up email newsletters and other
0:21 types of outbound marketing, but you can also do things like as you see on
0:25 the screen here, send password resets or send receipts for when somebody buys a cake
0:30 And that's primarily how we're going to be using them in our application.
0:34 The first thing you're going to need to work with send grid is you're going to
0:37 need an account. They're free.
0:39 You can go create one for free over here,
0:40 and when you do, you'll be shown instead of a login button here,
0:43 a dashboard. So click on the dashboard.
0:45 It'll take us to the management back end.
0:48 You want to go through the steps here to make sure you verify your domain so
0:52 it doesn't get blocked for spam and things like that,
0:54 or at least less so. But what we're going to need in order to get
0:58 going here is you got to go to your settings and then to your API keys
1:01 Now already have an API key that I've created.
1:05 You can see that it's got a private key and the key ID.
1:09 So what you want to do is click Create API key,
1:12 click that button and follow along and create your API key here as well.
1:16 Now, be careful. The only show you the secret key part of it once
1:20 So copy that and save it somewhere safe and private.
1:24 We're gonna talk about where to put in our application shortly.
1:27 But the main takeaway is you're going to need an API key here from the send
1:31 grid dashboard to use the API that we're gonna work with in flask and python.
1:37 We'll get logged in, get signed up and get your API key, and we are going to write some python code.