Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Creating the admin backend for Flask
Lecture: Intro to admin backend

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0:03 People are getting excited about what we're building.
0:05 We've been given the go ahead to push this whole app into production.
0:09 People are believing it, and it's time to start adding the final features.
0:13 The big outstanding one that we really have to focus on now is building the admin
0:17 back end. We have accepted the orders through our API,
0:20 and we saved them to the database.
0:21 But how would the Bakers know that the order is here to be baked?
0:25 How will the customers get notified that their orders done?
0:28 How will the Bakers tell them all these things are going to be handled by this
0:31 admin backend that we're going to build in flask?
0:35 Let's show everyone at cloud city cake company, what we can build and put a
0:38 cool UI admin back end in place for them.