Python-powered Chat Apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Using our database with the SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Calling the order API in Studio flow

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0:00 Where are we with our WhatsApp integration Into our order. API Well, we almost had it. You can see your order's been placed. No, no, not really.
0:08 Not really. Just kidding. So let's go back to studio and have a look and see what's going on. We've made it really far through this and honestly,
0:15 were almost entirely done with working with studio at all this. This may be the very last thing we do. We work our way down to the bottom here.
0:24 You can see we are calling the OrderAPI if we expand this out even more and we look, we're actually passing over all the information that's expected.
0:32 So we're calling the API. But what happens when we get it back? Well, here we just say Great. The order has been placed, but not really.
0:42 So what we wanna do is check. Make sure this worked and then give them some kind of actual information. Your order has been placed. We'll see you soon.
0:51 It will be under such and such with that the order ID is we call with
0:59 this api. We were returning back some information and the way we get that information
1:04 here. Move over is we're going to go to the widget order_placed.parsed and then on there. We have an order_id, But I believe we called it like this.
1:23 How great your order's been placed the order id is, whatever it is we had saved, publish changes.

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