Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Using our database with the SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Need to learn SQLAchemy? See the appendix

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0:00 In this chapter, we're going to be talking to a database.
0:02 And rather than directly writing SQL queries and insert statements and delete statements and so on
0:08 we're gonna be using SQLAlchemy.
0:11 SQLAlchemy is an ORM, object relational mapper.
0:13 You may know of it. It's certainly the most widely used
0:16 ORM in Python. We're not going to go into each and new SQLAlchemy
0:21 In this course. We're just going to use it.
0:23 So if you're familiar with it,
0:25 fantastic, just follow along. We're not going to be doing anything super advanced or
0:29 fancy with our ORM.
0:31 But if it's totally new to you and you want to learn about it,
0:34 don't worry. I put a special appendix at the end of this course that you
0:38 can go and find where you can learn all about SQLAlchemy and then,
0:42 you know, come back after this video and carry on,
0:44 and you will also be ready to fall along.
0:47 You're welcome is a ton of fun to work with,
0:48 so I hope you're looking forward to using it to actually saving all of these orders and customers that come in properly to a database.