Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Using our database with the SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Database introduction

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0:02 Everyone was thrilled with the flask app we built.
0:05 They can't believe how quick all this is coming together,
0:08 but there's no persistence layer yet.
0:10 We're not really saving any data,
0:12 are we? And databases are exactly the kind of thing we need.
0:16 You may have a lot of experience with databases.
0:18 You may be entirely new to databases,
0:20 but don't worry. In this chapter,
0:21 we're going to use a really cool ORM object relational mapper that lets us write
0:27 plain python classes and convert those into database tables and database queries.
0:32 We're going to use SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy is the most popular way to access
0:37 relational databases in Python. We'll see that we can use the SQLAlchemy to actually
0:42 generate the tables and then form the queries.
0:46 So even if you're new to working with databases,
0:47 don't worry. There's not another query,
0:49 language and definition language, all that kind of stuff.
0:51 You have to learn. We're just going to SQLAlchemy and python classes,
0:54 and we'll be of to the races.
0:56 They went around out this chapter by updating the order API and saving those
1:00 new orders coming in from Twilio Studio straight into our database, let's dive-in.