Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Creating the Flask Python web app
Lecture: Call the order API from WhatsApp

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0:00 Now that we've defined our OrderAPI call here. We're going to need to go over and and put it in this order. So we go and call it.
0:10 We'll just throw away this order placed in a minute. Now, over here, we've got our Cloud City ngrok Endpoint,
0:17 and we still have our in ngrok running here. So this is good. And we have our JSON body that's being passed over from
0:25 all the elements that we've gathered. So let's make sure we save and then publish all those changes.
0:32 Now we go over to WhatsApp and we can send a message. It may be too long since I've done this. Remember, our sandbox only listens for a little while.
0:40 We'll say hi and we need to reconnect our sandbox. Of course, I could have done this,
0:45 but I'd like you to see this because you're gonna run into it a bunch of times. So let's go ahead and go over here.
0:49 And what I've done is I've gone to programmable messaging. Try WhatsApp, and it gave me my personal code. You use your code, not mine,
0:57 and I'm going to connect that over, great now, We're active again. So cake me. Let's go for a small, as you know,
1:09 we're gonna have to order many cakes throughout this course, went out to our menu, API. And it asked,
1:16 What are the options? And we got all those stored them in our variable. So we're going to get a vanilla maple, sprinkles cake.
1:23 That sounds really good. It'll cost 19 gold coins. Fantastic. Let's go for that. Excellent. To place your order, tell us about yourself. Not really.
1:35 Over here. What happened? Did it work? Well, probably it's running. If we look over here, we can see there was, in fact,
1:42 a post, and it looks like it put this as a clear string. But that's just the encoded body the way that it got posted.
1:49 So yes, it did. Now let's do a little bit more. Let's print out data and let's also put a breakpoint right there, that runs in the
1:58 Debugger. Now, if everything works correctly, we should be able to actually hit a breakpoint here. Now it may seem simple. Okay,
2:06 well, it stopped at a breakpoint, but this is incredible. What we're doing is we're going out to the public Twilio
2:12 Cloud. We're talking to one of the workflows there. It's orchestrating all this WhatsApp conversation,
2:17 and at the end it's going to take all the data gathered and post it back to in ngrok in ngrok gonna funnel it over into our local flask app.
2:26 We're going to do a break point during the workflow for twilio. Check it out and carry on that
2:32 to me, it's fantastic. All these new things coming together. It sounds like fun. Let's try it.
2:41 Get a small vanilla cake, chocolate and Sprinkles that seems reasonable, enter our contact info And I hit this. It should go and call our API.
2:54 Let's see what happens. Boom. How about that? Here's our break point. You can see we've already got some meaningful stuff up here in pycharm.
3:03 If we expand it out, you can see we've got a cake and a customer There's all the values. There's my email address is my name the vanilla, chocolate
3:14 cake with Sprinkles Small costing 8.5. That's it. So we've now got our data passed over correctly from Twilio Studio through
3:24 ngrok back into our flask app, and now it's time to start building out what to do when we get some data from our WhatsApp conversation.

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