Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Creating the Flask Python web app
Lecture: Flask time

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0:02 Welcome to another day of software development at the Cloud City Cake Company. It's time that we turn our attention to Python and Flask.
0:10 In this chapter, we're going to build a basic flask application going to create an
0:14 http JSON Endpoint that will allow us to plug that into the twilio flow, when an order is finalized and confirmed by the user.
0:22 We're going to receive all that information that we've gathered up in Twilio studio and send
0:28 that over to our Python application to save it to the database, to send them a receipt to kick off the actual baking of the cake with our
0:35 admin backend all that kind of stuff. So been waiting for your Python? It's time to get it on.

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